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The Armenian Genocide Malta Trials that never happened.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

There is a fascinating article by The Malta Independent online about the Malta Trials that never took place. The article talks to Judge Giovanni Bonello about the Ottomans who were accused of war crimes and were taken by the British troops from the fallen Ottoman Empire to Malta. They were taken to be tried for massacres of the Armenians and  cruelty to Allied prisoners of war.

Dr Bonello talks about the Malta Trials in response to a claim made by Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister. The Turkish Minister Egemen Bagis claimed that Turkey was “acquitted of the responsibility of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 because no such trial ever took place in Malta.” Bonello argues in response that Turkey was not acquitted of the responsibility because the Malta Trials of over 100 Ottoman officials never took place. Instead, Bonello argues that the Malta Trials never took place due to many different reasons, not because they were innocent. The main reason that the Malta Trials did not take place in trying the the war crimes was because there was not enough evidence to condemn the guilty. Moreover, Ataturk  was holding 22 British soldiers prisoners. The British cabinet decided that if they could not gain justice for the war crimes instead, they would exchange all the Ottoman officials for the British prisoners. The exchange occurred on the Black Sea on 31st October 1921.

Lord Curzon was deeply embarrassed by the whole incident but he explained that he had to ‘skate over thin ice’ as quickly as he could when dealing with the problem. Bonello concludes the newspaper article by saying that almost 100 years after the genocide, there is little hope for a solution of the controversial issue that is the Armenian Genocide.

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French and Turkish Disagreement Over Armenian Genocide

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

When researching the Armenian Genocide debate about whether a genocide took place or not, I found this BBC new article from 2001 by Chris Morris. The article talks about a “political storm” surrounding France and Turkey because the French had passed a bill declaring that genocide had occurred, along with the mass murders of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. The effects that have occurred due to this bill having been passed include the withdrawal of the Turkish Ambassador from France and demontrations in Turkey for a boycott on French goods. However, French politicians have argued that the bill has not been passed in the National Assembly to condemn modern Turkey.

The article goes on to talk about the National Pride within Turkey and the archive dispute, where historians and researchers are not allowed full access to Ottoman records and archives concerning the matter. Moreover, the article mentions the ongoing argument over how many Armenians died in 1915. The Armenians argue that 1.5 million Armenians died in the genocide whereas, the Turks argue that there was no genocide and that 300, 000 Armenians died.

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Sultan Abdulhamid II

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I was searching for a photo Sultan Abdulhamid II and recognized he was wearing a Fez on his head. Compared to the headpiece of the Qizilbash, it is similar. Perhaps it has a historical purpose or perhaps it is just a coincidence.

Sultan Abdulhamid II


Denial of Armenian Genocide

Monday, March 19th, 2012

When looking for images for the Armenian Genocide, I came across an image that led me to an “Armenian Genocide Ballyhoo: Angels of 1915″ blog with a post about Fake Illustrations used in the Armenian Genocide Allegations and Armenian Lie posters.

Some of these images include:


In the Fake Illustrations of the Armenian Genocide Allegations post, Yorum Gonder claims that the Armenians use fake photographs and pictures in unofficial websites to support their allegations of a “so-called genocide”, where they  “twist” people’s emotions and realities to support their “unlawful cause.”

The post is accessible here:

Meanwhile, another post on the same blog is about Yusuf Halacoglu responding to the historian Taner Akcam. Here the post looks at and claims that the original documents that Akcam used in his book, “Armenian Issued is Resolved,” are “cherry-picked”  and “distorted” to support his interpretation. Halacoglu claims that Akcam ignores evidence in the original documents to support the denial of the Armenian Genocide thus, Akcam is “trying to condition” the readers to support his “baseless” claims.

The post goes on to say that “I would also like to comment on some of the criticisms of Taner Akçam in relation to some of the issues that were included in my book called ‘Facts on the Relocation of Armenians’.” In fact, a short video is posted to express some of the criticisms and makes fun of Taner Akcam’s and Peter Balakian’s argument that the genocide did occur, in their appearance on a television show.


(Video Credit:  Armenian Genocide Ballyhoo by TruckerPhobia)

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Today with Mr. Groom

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Today we meet with Mr. Groom. We discussed the improvements of the site as we were having problems with the template and that is now being looked into. The layout was addressed, so to make it look more like a resource website which we are now in process of doing. We have now found that for our work to show up on our home page and the class page, it has to be posted as blogs whereas, we were making pages for the website. Moreover, we went over the pages already made in the Video section of the site to check that they layout and the video credits were correct.

Hello world!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

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